Reddit wowed by a Minecraft lego animation


Reddit wowed by a Minecraft lego animation

Minecraft is not commonly associated with stop motion animation. Although it's a fun animation, stop motion animation is not compatible with Minecraft video games. One Minecraft Redditor reconnected the two thanks to a LEGO set.

This player created a brief scene using an Alex LEGO minifigure. This is a great piece of art that has inspired a lot of people.

This animation is courtesy of u/claaishere, Reddit. This animation is simple, with just one LEGO minifigure. It's still a great animation and makes good use all of its components.

It is not easy to stop motionanimate. It is not easy to move just one aspect of a scene at a time and keep everything the same. It is also very time-consuming.

This animation's result has stunned the community. At the time of writing, there were almost 21,000 upvotes for this post. There are many supportive comments and people who look forward to future animations.

One person noticed a very small detail in the animation. It was a nice touch.

Another person felt that the post was inspiring and brightened her day.

The game makes good use of nostalgia. It is almost 13 years old. One commenter noted that many players, even those who aren't playing anymore, still remember the game fondly.

LEGOs have been used for years in stop-motion animation. This one is special though.

One player even got inspired to create his own poster, perhaps in collaboration with the original.

These kinds of projects are rare. It's evident how much Minecrafters love and appreciate them when they do. It is not often that a favorite video game is turned into cute stop motion animations.