Minecraft empires SMP server members


Minecraft empires SMP server members

The most used multiplayer Minecraft servers is the SMP. These servers allow for a large number of players to play in survival mode. You can create your own servers or join a community to make your very own communities. These servers can be used to make towns, cities and even entire countries across large chunks of Minecraft's terrain.

The Empires SMP, a relatively new SMP server, was created by YouTuber fWhip. It is run using vanilla Minecraft and no mods or plugins are required. The server's main inhabitants are content creators, who each preside over an “empire”.

Each empire gets a designated area in the server. They can then build and expand within that area. The Empire SMP's first season ended on January 29, 2022. It began with 10 Minecraft YouTubers. It eventually added two more content creators to its roster.

This article will provide information about the 12 YouTubers currently on the server.

Minecraft Empires SMP: A list of all members

1) fwHIP

American Twitch streamer and YouTuber fWhip streams Minecraft content. He is the founder and head of Empires SMP, and is responsible for the Empire of the Grimlands, located in the plains biome.

2) Katherineeliz

Katherineeliz (or Katherine Elizabeth Gaming) is the ruler of House Blossom and the Overgrown empire. This empire is located in the flower forest biome. She was previously the Emperor of the Server.

3) ShubbleYT

Shubble, also known by the name Shelby, is a streamer and YouTuber from America. She is the leader of the Undergrove Empire in the server.

4) Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa, a well-known American YouTuber and content creator, is Joey Graceffa. He joined the Empire SMP about a month after his fellow players and is now the ruler of the Lost Empire.

5) Scott Smajor/Dangthatsalongname

Dangthatsalongname is also known as Smajor1995, Smajor or Scott. He is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Scotland. He is the ruler of Rivendell's Empire SMP.

6) SolidarityGaming

Solidarity, also known by Jimmy, is a popular Minecraft YouTuber. He is a member of many SMP servers like Legacy, Evo and X Life. He is the ruler of the Cod Empire in the Empire SMP.

7) Smallishbeans

Smallishbeans (or Joel) is a British YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and is well-known for his Minecraft content. He used to create Call of Duty content back in the day. He is the ruler of the Kingdom Of Mezalea, in the Empire SMP.

8) PearlescentMoon

PearlescentMoon, also known as Pearl, is an Australian content creator. He is well-known as a member of Empires SMP and rules over Gilded Helianthia.

9) TheMythicalSausage

TheMythicalSausage, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber of Spanish and Cuban descent, is known as TheMythicalSausage. He goes by the nickname “Sausage” as he is well-known for his tutorials on building. The Empire SMP is ruled by the Mythical Sausage.

10) LDShadowLady

Lizzie, also known as LDShadowLady on the Empire SMP Server, is a British content creator. She is best known for her ShadowCraft series and is the ruler in the Ocean Empire on this SMP server.

11) GeminiTay

GeminiTay, a Canadian content creator, is GeminiTay. She is a part of Hermitcraft and oversees the empire of Crystal Cliffs, Empires SMP.

12) Pixlriffs

Pixlriffs is a British YouTuber well-known for creating tutorials, mods and shaders for the game. He is the ruler and the king of Pixandria.