Join Minecraft via LAN?


Join Minecraft via LAN?

Minecraft, a 3D sandbox video game, was first released in November 2011. There are two play modes: single and multiplayer.

Multiplayer mode allows you to connect with other players via a local network (LAN), or Minecraft servers. A local area network is a computer network that connects computers in your home, school, office, or via wireless connection.

Most LAN servers are private so you will need to have the help of a creator in order to join. We've made the steps easier for you.

How to Join Minecraft Via LAN

These steps will allow you to join Minecraft over a LAN connection.

The Direct Connect screen will prompt you to enter the IPV4 address for the host system. Add the 5-digit LAN number to the end of your IP address by adding a colon.

About the Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a 3D video game in which players search for and extract raw material to make tools and build structures. You can either compete against computer-controlled hordes or work with other players to defeat them.

There are five game modes in Minecraft: survival, creative and hardcore, adventure, spectator, and hardcore. Players can also customize Minecraft by adding gameplay elements or assets.

Survival mode requires players to gather resources in order to sustain life and develop the planet. The survival mode's hardcore mode offers a more difficult version. Adventure mode, which is a survival mode, allows players to explore custom maps and adventure created by others.

Creative mode players have unlimited resources and the ability to fly. The spectator mode lets players pass through blocks and observe games, but not interact with them.

Error while playing Minecraft via LAN

It's great to have fun with your Minecraft friend and create beautiful things together. You may get an error message while playing via LAN.


These are some possible causes for this error problem.


All computers should be connected to the same network.

Make sure your firewall is up to date. If the Minecraft executable file is not allowed by your firewall, it will block Minecraft. To check your firewall:

If the problem persists, disable Windows Defender Firewall to prevent you from resuming your game.

Direct connection is a good option. You can manually enter your IP address as well as your game port number.

Allow network discovery: This is how it works:

Disable antivirus: An antivirus product can block Minecraft from connecting to the local network server. It is best to disable them all, even the Windows Defender antivirus.

Do this:

Disable AP isolation Although they can connect to the same Internet network, they won't be able to play or connect together. You should therefore disable the AP isolation feature.

You should update your network driver immediately if it is outdated. It could be interfering in your LAN Minecraft connection. Here's how;

Mods should be removed: While mods can be fun, they can also pose a problem. It is a good idea to remove all mods and other gamers that are linked to you in order to avoid errors messages.

Uninstall and Reinstall Software: If none of these solutions work, your Minecraft program could be the problem.

This can be fixed by uninstalling the Minecraft app and then downloading and installing the latest version. Reconnect all other systems, and then check that the error has been fixed.

How to Play Minecraft on a Local Area Network (LAN).

Participants can join the network with other players. Once they have started their game, they will be able to choose Multiplayer.

Are two Minecraft players allowed to share a Minecraft account on a LAN?

Each player must have their own Minecraft ID. This ID is authenticated by servers. If you have a premium account, however, you can “clone” that user to change their profile and allow others to join your local game.

Playing Minecraft Online

Online gaming requires that you identify and connect to the IP address of the multiplayer server. This is how you connect online.

Minecraft: Java Edition can only be played on a server that is either LAN- or online. The player must have the same version as the server. Your game's version number will be located at the bottom your main menu.


Minecraft, a 3D sandbox video game, was first released in November 2011. There are two play modes: single and multiplayer.

You can connect to Minecraft servers via a Local Area Network (LAN), or play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. We have provided detailed instructions on how to connect with other players via a local area network (LAN).

Sometimes you may get an error message when playing games. This could be due to many factors. The most common causes are network firewall, antivirus and mods.