Best Minecraft builds


Best Minecraft builds

The best part about the Minecraft mega-build crop is that you get to sample the best of it all. This list will take your to Middle-earth and Tamriel to name a few. You can also return home in plenty of time for tea. If you prefer to have a look around Earth's home planet, you can visit Europe's Imperial Summer Palace and the RMS Titanic.

This collection has something for everyone, just like our selection of the best Minecraft skins and seeds. Get ready to be amazed at some of the most beautiful combinations of bricks and mortar ever seen in Mojang's pixel-perfect world.

These are the best Minecraft builds:

Imperial summer palace

The Imperial Summer Palace was inspired by many famous European buildings including Schonbrunn Palace and Versailles. It is elegant from the outside as well as inside, with stunning gardens that complement its vast, luxurious interiors.

Fallingwater house

One of the most unique homes ever built suits Minecraft very well. This is evident by many copies of Frank Lloyd Wright's angular Fallingwater. Here's how you can make a Minecraft boat to get to your new water retreat.

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This interpretation by Lilnekochan may be our favorite, but there are also these two by NovocainStain and the one Waterijsje created.

The titanic

There are many Minecraft mega-builds of the Titanic, including this one from way back when Mojang was still in beta. However, we prefer this French version because it displays the most detail and colour.

Minas tirith

There are many things that inspire us in high fantasy, as well as real-world architecture. This Minas Tirith rendering is an example of high fantasy. It is both beautiful and imposing.

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It was posted by u/Cornbass to reddit and the community expressed their appreciation.

Minecraft Middle-earth

We would be more impressed if someone began work on a Minecraft map that covered all of Middle-earth, including the famous places from… Wait, what? Are you serious?

We are sorry, but this Middle-earth project has just begun. It is, however, not yet complete, and it is already one of the most popular Minecraft servers that you can visit.


A collection of stunning Minecraft builds is incomplete without something inspired Game of Thrones. This is just a small portion of the huge and inspiring WesterosCraft server.

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Above is Sunspear, a city that has been rendered with a very attractive and reflective sea surface. You should also check out King's Landing, Minecraft's amazing work.


There's also the Dwarven City Of Consilium, created by Creolucis. It's so impressive that we can't pick just one picture to show how amazing a Minecraft map is. It is not only huge, but also the definition of grandeur in the dictionary.


What does a Minecraft mega-build of sixty million blocks sound like? Jamdelaney1, who spent three years creating the sprawling city of Adamantis, really pushed the boundaries back.

The massive metropolis is built on top of a hill, with huge doors and colonnades. It has nothing to do the 1980s new wave artist.

Mage's College of Meridia

Adamantis is reminiscent of the Mages College of Meridia. This cool Minecraft build was created last year by Block Fortress. It took inspiration from Skyrim's College of Winterhold. It may even out-magic the Minecraft Pottercraft server.

Kredik Shaw

Kredik Shaw creator lynchyinc said that “I became bored of small-sized builds.” He was very bored by the size of this castle. This is a magnificent temple that honors the natural world. So, take a look and enjoy.


Although many builds can be compared to one large structure, there is nothing stopping you from spreading your wings. Servers are rarely cramped.

This charming town by lentebriesje shows how picturesque a collection more modest buildings can look when carefully placed around the landscape.


lentebriesje also has been working on a 1:500 scale recreation of the entire globe. You can see how Europe appears from space. It is remarkably similar. It is, however, a bit… more blocky?

The shining maze

You can lose yourself in Minecraft. This labyrinth was made by redditor Chris-P. It is basically a Minecraft maze inspired by The Shining. This is the hotel in Stanley Kubrick's horror film, and it can't be replicated. But it's impressive enough.

new port notch

New Port Notch is one of the most popular Minecraft projects in recent times. It even has its own subreddit. Only two people created the towering city: LG193 & ThatDutchLad. You'll need its unique subway system to move around.

Crafting azeroth

Crafting Azeroth is a project that recreates the entire World of Warcraft in Minecraft at 1:1 scale. Although it sounds absurd, it is a man's dream. However, it is moving remarkably fast and is a true triumph of human endeavor.