Best pets to tame in Minecraft

The Minecraft world can be very lonely and large for players. There is not much in the way of friendly faces, aside from the occasional villager or trader. There is an in-game way for players to find an ally or adventuring partner: Taming. Taming refers to when a player gives one or more of these mobs … Read more

Fastest ways to travel through your Minecraft world

The Minecraft worlds are huge and sprawling, with many places to explore. It can be difficult to get from one place to another in Minecraft. There are many options available for Minecraft gamers when they want to travel across the globe. These are the fastest ways to get from one place to another in Minecraft, and they … Read more

Best Multiplayer mods for Minecraft

Minecraft can be fun alone but it’s even more enjoyable and less scary when played with friends. It is easier to collect resources and build structures when there are more people around. Modded Minecraft is a great game to play with your friends. Modded Minecraft adds an abundance of new features to an already richly-featured game. Below are … Read more

Where to farm glow lichen

Glow lichen was introduced in Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Update. It is a bioluminescent form fungi that can be found inside caves, and emits light when needed. The glow lichen is able to grow on any solid block in the game and can provide light to players. It can also be used as a visual … Read more

Minecraft pressure plate uses

Non-solid Minecraft blocks called pressure plates detect players and items and are integral parts of redstone machinery. Depending on what material the pressure plate is made of, it can detect and remove different items in Minecraft. Pressure plates emit redstone signals regardless of what they detect. Redstone signal deactivation can be delayed by weighted pressure plates, … Read more

Tallest mountain in Minecraft

Today’s Minecraft: Java Edition update includes the second part of Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update. Players who travel a lot, regardless of whether they’re in an old world or a newly-generated one, will notice the changes quickly. Their dimensions and generation height layers have been changed, in addition to the fundamentally changing how caves and mountains … Read more

What’s the use for frogs in Minecraft

There are many Minecraft mobs that don’t follow the same path as real-world ones. The game’s undead mobs such as zombies and skeletons are the most frightening, but the animal mobs such as cows, pigs and sheep are the most adorable. Minecraft 1.19 is on the way and mobs such as the allays and frogs will be … Read more

Minecraft empires SMP server members

The most used multiplayer Minecraft servers is the SMP. These servers allow for a large number of players to play in survival mode. You can create your own servers or join a community to make your very own communities. These servers can be used to make towns, cities and even entire countries across large chunks of Minecraft’s … Read more

Reddit wowed by a Minecraft lego animation

Minecraft is not commonly associated with stop motion animation. Although it’s a fun animation, stop motion animation is not compatible with Minecraft video games. One Minecraft Redditor reconnected the two thanks to a LEGO set. This player created a brief scene using an Alex LEGO minifigure. This is a great piece of art that has inspired a lot … Read more

Best Minecraft builds

The best part about the Minecraft mega-build crop is that you get to sample the best of it all. This list will take your to Middle-earth and Tamriel to name a few. You can also return home in plenty of time for tea. If you prefer to have a look around Earth’s home planet, you … Read more